New Blog…

Sorry, I keep making new ones but I think tumblr is just easier to manage. Advertisements


So I got this new point and shoot a whiles back, like a month ago. It’s great because I can capture stuff at night without a lot of night and also miscellaneous images… Continue reading

So Much Free Time

I don’t know what to do with myself with all this free time. Been a sleeping a lot, but it’s strange because I keep oversleeping my classes ahaha. Anyhow, everything is winding down… Continue reading

New Watercolour Project

I think I was going about my Art Wednesdays with the wrong mentality. I was always thinking I must begin and finish a complete work of art that I’m satisfied with in the… Continue reading

March Post

I’m so sorry I haven’t updated this blog in ONE MONTH! I’ve been just so busy with schoolwork and had to use my Arting Wednesdays to study 😦 The week before spring break… Continue reading


So I am actually too poor/cheap to buy my own domain so I just made a set on Flickr and named it Portfolio. I needed to create one for a bunch of internships… Continue reading

Time Lapse Videos

Been inspired. Will start arting soon I swear; been bogged down by studying the past two week!   I want my own studio so bad…

No Fruitful Artwork today

Absolutely nothing of good content came out of my painting today, so I’m not posting anything. I think I’m finding it difficult to just sit down and doodle/paint/draw/whaterrr. I need a project. SOMEONE… Continue reading

Hatching & Crosshatching Still Hard

Been inspired by this artist’s sketches recently, specifically this post here. I always get jealous when I see artists that sketch with a geometric style, straight lines, clean cut edges…because I’m totally not… Continue reading

Cardboard & Prisma

So this was supposed to be a drawing of this really beautiful celebrity (whose name I will not mention because there is absolutely no similarity between her and this horrendous drawing) but then… Continue reading