Usual Watercolour Style

Painted/took this photo in either late July or early August 2011, and I love everything about it! The painting, the lighting, everything feels so right. This is what my “usual” watercolour style is like. More towards the realistic side and using one colour because I have an extremely limited choice of paints.

I’ve been thinking a lot about creative projects, and I am extremely lucky to come across this list by pikaland here! She even has a pdf version of the list that you can download. Perfection.

Also, I’m currently in Houston for a two-day trip. I remember when we came here a few times ago and went to the Museum of Fine Arts…which makes me think back to when we visited MoMA and The Met in New York. Really itching to visit an art gallery. Pencil/charcoal sketches, baroque-y paintings, and 20th century street photography are my favourites.