Composition Frustration

I’m always super anxious to get my film back, because I never know what is coming! Sometimes photos turn out to be way better than expected, and other times I want to shoot myself because I ruined what could have been a good photo with poor focusing or exposure.

I got a roll back today and some of the photos turned out surprisingly well. Kodak Gold 400 tends to skew with the colours a lot, making the photos look kind of unnatural (at least with my experience), so this roll has a lot of red overtones. Now, this roll turned out alright, with some photos that I’m really happy with but others I’m really frustrated with.

The main reason of my frustration stems from poor composition. The thing with rangefinders is you look through the viewfinder and use this little circle of light to make two overlapping images into congruence. This is when you know that the subject (in the little ball of light) is focused. HOWEVER, because of this method of focusing, it’s easy to make your subject be just smack dab in the middle of the photo. If you wanted the subject to be left of center, you’d have to move the camera so the ball of light first focuses on the subject, and then compose your photo, which a lot of the times I’m too lazy to do.

Also, I really hate being a bother to people. It takes a while to focus on a rangefinder (for me), so sometimes I’ll sacrifice perfection and just snap the image in a hurry because I don’t want people to be annoyed. 😦 It’s upsetting because in today’s digital age, everyone wants everything fast and with convenience, and film is the complete opposite of that.

Anyhow, my goal for this year is to slow down and really think before I take a photo. If I’m going to capture this image, I should do it well and not in a hurry. I’m sure whoever I’m with can sacrifice a few seconds for me to focus and compose.

Here are some photos (good & bad) from the roll I got back today:
*ps I honestly think that what I see through the viewfinder isn’t true to what the camera captures.

I cut off Jenn’s bag. Bad.

Jenn takes a photo of me without ever having used my camera before and it looks perfect. Typical.

Colours are good, at least.


This one’s not so bad. Perfect example of one of those OMG HURRY UP AND TAKE IT shots. At least Kelly is smiling.

Like this photo a lot, aside from the overt blue tones. Love the focus on katie taking a photo, Helen mid-talk using her hands, and the plethora of cups in the foreground.

I actually freaking love this photo. I know the faces are kind of unidentifiable, but the red and black look awesome. And Chad looks good.

It’s so freaking blue but I love this photo.

I have one more roll of the Kodak Gold to go through (will shoot it in California starting TOMORROW!) and then the next 5 rolls will be Portra 400! Excited to use it. I’ve actually never gotten film processed in Nashville, so I emailed my favourite prof a few nights ago asking and he replied back. Yay for cool film aficionado Asian Studies profs.

music for today (Madi Diaz-Let’s Go)