Hatching & Crosshatching Still Hard

Been inspired by this artist’s sketches recently, specifically this post here. I always get jealous when I see artists that sketch with a geometric style, straight lines, clean cut edges…because I’m totally not like that. I sketch with scribbles and flowy lines and movements. So I’ve been trying to practice more geometric-type sketching.

It’s so hard to post artwork I’m not satisfied with, but that’s the point of this blog! To make sure I art and critique myself.

I found this pack of Faber Castell pens in my drawer so I decided to make use of them tonight. I find it really difficult to depict shadows and highlights without crosshatching, and even with hatching & crosshatching I’m always unsure of where the direction of the lines should go. Anyhow, I did the right side of the guy’s face first but I like the left side a lot better. It’s cleaner.

I think if I just sketch more throughout the day it will help a lot. But I still really want to paint…like with acrylics. I miss having access to a studio 😦 I hope senior year I can manage to enroll in a painting class!


Other news: I will possibly get my film from winter break developed this weekend (I might have access to a car!) I also plan on shooting more with my Portra 400 film this weekend 🙂

And since I’ve been pretty busy with schoolwork, meetings, being sick, etc. I found that Gotye really cheered me up. Take a listen: