No Fruitful Artwork today

Absolutely nothing of good content came out of my painting today, so I’m not posting anything.

I think I’m finding it difficult to just sit down and doodle/paint/draw/whaterrr. I need a project. SOMEONE GIVE ME A PROJECT. Like using this style, draw this but with this in these colours. Gosh high school art was so helpful.


So I can’t just write a blog post about nothing. So here are some photos:

Josh & I went to Hot&Cold last Friday. I got lavender ice cream! Yum.

Following ice cream, we walked to Belmont University. It’s a Christian University that has a bunch of hipster students and music business majors. Josh & I kept on saying how much better we’d fit in at Belmont, ha.

There was this semi-cool pseudo courtyard type thing at Belmont University.

Cool tiling.

We kind of got lost on the way back and walked through some neighborhoods. AMERICA

Casually strolling through the neighborhood when we see a swastika tile on someone’s driveway. Super casual.

A George swing.

On Saturday Josh & I borrowed a friend’s car to go shopping. Stopped at Portland Brew on the way back for some coffee/apple cider.

Any here are two of my outfits I wore the past few weeks for kelmo…

Eddie Bauer men’s shirt I bought on sale, leggings, riding boots

Shirt dress I got from Japan a long time ago, Madewell blazer, tights, riding boots.