So I am actually too poor/cheap to buy my own domain so I just made a set on Flickr and named it Portfolio. I needed to create one for a bunch of internships that I just applied to tonight ;_; I hope something works out this summer. I have only gotten many maybes and possibly’s so far from the photographers I’ve emailed. Then again, a full-time photographer doesn’t always know his or her schedule ahead of time.

My portfolio is HERE if you decide to check it out. It’s a few of my “best” images I feel represent my style and typical subjects.

I’m not sure if I can art tomorrow seeing as I have a big midterm coming up in my History of Christian Tradition class on Friday. I will try to draw a little though. I even borrowed two books from the library today on Leonardo da Vinci’s works. Right now my supervisor has me working on checking gift books in the art department…meaning I get to look at many old, old, books (I’m talking 19th century!) with very interesting material. Love it.

Tonight I sat at the German table for dinner and although I didn’t speak much (I am so insecure about my German!) it was nice to hear familiar sounds again.