March Post

I’m so sorry I haven’t updated this blog in ONE MONTH! I’ve been just so busy with schoolwork and had to use my Arting Wednesdays to study đŸ˜¦ The week before spring break was terrible and the weeks since spring break have been equally bad. Fortunately, this next week is looking much better so I will do some painting on Wednesday. I will, I will, I will.

I did take many photos of spring break and earlier the semester however, and I’ll comment on some of them here! These are the first two rolls I’ve received back using the new Portra 400 film!!!! I am soooo incredibly pleased with how the photos turned out. It’s quite apparent that the photos form the portra roll are of a much better quality than the Kodak gold I had used several rolls previously and the fujifilm earlier.

I absolutely love this photo! It looks so crisp, the lighting is favorable, and it’s a good memory. This is in the bathroom (lol) of a hookah lounge my friends and I like to frequent called Tarboosh (I have some other photos of tarboosh at my flickr).

This photo is from inside of the world’s largest treehouse in Crossville, TN. I had a conference in the area in February I believe so we visited the treehouse (my 3rd time!). There’s nothing exceptional about the photograph but I think it evokes a really playful mood. It’s obvious the kids are up to no good, spying on their friend or planning to throw something off the balcony and to have captured a moment like this makes me happy and nostalgic.

There was a very similar photograph I took to this one last year and I wanted to “recreate” it in a sense. Here’s the photo from last year:

Looking at these two photos you can tell the obvious quality difference: the portra one has better color balance, is more sharp, while the kodak one is much more grainy. I think both images are fine, they just capture the moment differently.

This is a photo I took from ASB! We went to West Virginia to work with SALS. I wrote a blog post on my personal blog about my time there so if you’re interested in reading about the work we did and what I learned from it, head over here. I really like this photo for some reason. There’s a genuine candidness involved (look at Addison’s hands!) and I think the light looks beautiful here. I think one of the reasons Portra 400 is so great is it really works with my rangefinder to capture the light in a moment in a very lovely way; it’s balanced and much closer to what I see in real life.

I don’t know if you guys remember but in a few posts earlier I wrote about how I want to stop and think more before I release the shutter for a photo. I’ve been very conscious about doing that with my past two rolls and I’m so glad. Oftentimes the moment doesn’t “pass” just because I spend a few more seconds thinking about composition and aperture. It’s been worth it. I think the above photo is really nice. We were on top of a hill looking at the damage mountain top removal can cause. It was a pensive moment, but there was also something so serene about being so high up on a mountain contemplating God’s creations and how it’s been affected by human greed. Anyway, the girl pictured above is my friend Kate. She’s been a good friend to me and I’m very thankful to have met her over spring break. She modeled for me quite a lot.

Here’s Adam. He is an AmeriCorp and we worked with him during our stay in Beards Fork, West Virginia. He’s a terrific individual, really hilarious, talented, kind, just a great person. Artistically this photo kind of sucks, the light is super harsh and it’s not really focused very well but I love it. I totally love it! Adam and Justin gave me a “tour” of the dungeon (what we called the basement in the school we helped revamp) and all its cool features. I can’t remember what that big black thing was that Adam is leaning on. I think it was an incinerator or something strange like that. I remember wanting to take a photo and Adam moved out of the way, but I told him to be in the picture and as he posed I remember thinking how characteristic it was of him. This photo represents him so well…he looks tough and intimidating but there’s something that tells you there’s more to him than just that.

I had one more frame on my roll and I wanted to send it into the lab so I snapped this photo from my desk. This was probably the most surprisingly lovely photo from my two rolls. I think this really confirms how beautifully my new film captures light. For me, it’s very reminiscent of the work from one of my favourite photographers, BFerry. Check out his blog here. He is very conscious about how his photographs portray light and shadows, and it’s very interesting reading his thought process behind his work. Very inspirational.


Anyhow, hope this post makes up for the month I was MIA.
Here are some songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat:

Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court 

Hoodie Allen – No Interruption

The Head and the Heart – Down in the Valley (saw them live this past Monday)