New Watercolour Project

I think I was going about my Art Wednesdays with the wrong mentality. I was always thinking I must begin and finish a complete work of art that I’m satisfied with in the span of 5 hours. That’s just not going to happen. So much like the new approach I’ve taken up with my photography, I decided to apply it to my painting.

I have a particular style of watercolour painting and it’s a bit difficult to break that style. I like to use two maybe three colours in the same range (warm, cool) and then kind of contour out the face and apply like a billion layers. It’s a bit time consuming but usually I’m pretty satisfied with what comes from it. Thus, I was going about with this new painting and was doing the usual, pencil sketch (rough), then erase and paint. It kind of sucks, I need a new method but whatever. And then I somehow came across this video of a watercolour portrait in the making and was sooo inspired:

I have no idea how she completed it in 1.5 hours…I spent about 2 hours painting today and all I got was an eye…and it’s not nearly as impressive as hers. Ahaha, I think I just need to work on my mastery of the watercolour palette, brushes, techniques, etc. The thing I struggle with most is the shade of the colour I’m laying down. I’m always afraid it’ll be too dark so I just apply a bunch of very opaque layers and that takes forever. And also how to paint while the paper is still wet…that trips me up a lot.

Anyway, here are some shots of what I’m working on:

Pencil sketch, rough. It never looks like the person I’m trying to paint, darnit.

This is all I got maybe…1 hour in? Slow worker! So shameful.

I’m actually quite happy with my progress so far. I bet it won’t end up looking anything like the man I’m trying to draw, but oh well. At least I get to work on my technique!

And lastly, a photo of my desktop:

Yeah, I’m attempting attempting to draw James McAvoy. The two portraits on the side are for colour/painting inspiration. I should have saved the artists’ names, I can’t remember sorry!