So Much Free Time

I don’t know what to do with myself with all this free time. Been a sleeping a lot, but it’s strange because I keep oversleeping my classes ahaha. Anyhow, everything is winding down and nothing is really happening in classes so it’s not a bad time to miss class.

I painted last night because I had nothing to do:

Yeah I realize everything’s all out of proportion but it’s hard to keep it all in check when I’m so focused on getting the tones right. Bahhh. Oh well, it’s looking good so far, so I’m happy.

I also checked out two books from the library a few weeks ago, Leonardo da Vinci by Carlo Pedretti and The Writings and Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci: Order and Chaos in Early Modern Thought by Robert Zwijnenberg. I skimmed through both the books this afternoon and want to share some quotes.

A preparatory sketch for the painting Madonna, Child, Saint Anne, and a Lamb is an almost inextricable cluster of little lines covering the subject of the sketch. This method of drawing, allowing “mistakes,” called pentimenti by art historians, is unknown in the work of artists active before Leonardo […] “mistake” and “pentimenti” […] seem to involve a judgment or a sense of regret […]I think expressions such as “hesitations of hand and mind” or, even better, “reveries of the hand” do more justice to Leonardo’s intentions. (Zwijnenberg, 67)

And one more:

The artist should continually ponder and reflect on the things he sees. Therefore Leonardo compared the mind of the artist to a mirror: “And above all he must keep his mind as clear as the surface of a mirror, which assumes colours as various as those of the different objects”. Whereas the artist must reflect permanently upon nature, this activity directed at the outside world must always be followed by a moment of rest and overview during which the artist withdraws into his own mind to have an inner dialogue. Using pentimenti in drawing is part of this movement between rest, or introspection, and activity executed on paper. (Zwijnenberg, 70)

Instead of painting this afternoon I applied to a scholarship today. The prompt was “5 Things You Wouldn’t Study Abroad Without”, but you had to answer it in less than 250 words. So what better way than to create a poster? I downloaded a trial version of InDesign (which I haven’t used since photoj in high school sophomore year o_o) and decided to see how well I could still use it.

Yeah alright. It’s pretty simple but I think it look goods. My five items were: camera, Bible, journal, gifts, & “some extra change”. I hope I get the scholarship (I think 10 North American students and 10 UK students are able to receive it), it would be some nice spending money for next semester.

Also, remember that video I posted on my previous post? The artist of that painting/WIP video is a friend of a friend! Isn’t that weird? She just randomly popped up on my newsfeed one day. Coincidences.

Music for the week:

Punch Brothers – This Girl (this band is from Nashville!)
Nero – Crush on You (The Jets cover)
The Jezabels – Endless Summer 

Been listening to a lot of Woodpigeon, the Jezabels, Beach House, and British dubstep recently.