So I got this new point and shoot a whiles back, like a month ago. It’s great because I can capture stuff at night without a lot of night and also miscellaneous images that I wouldn’t want to shoot on film. But it’s so tempting to just use digital for the convenience and immediate playback, and I think it’s really hindered me shooting with my Yashica. What a shame…I’ve been in Boston the past week and I haven’t even finished a whole roll here.

Wasn’t able to art the rest of April because of finals, and then I packed up all my art supplies for storage, so I will have limited materials over the summer. I’ll be traveling a lot (I’ll hit home in a few days, then off to Mexico, Hong Kong, and Shanghai) so I will have to practice sketching.

Being in Boston has really made me think quite a bit about what I want to do post-grad. What career field I’d like to enter, where I’d like to live, etc. I think I have at least realized, through living in a single this past year and being here in Boston, that I really do need to live with another person. I love my alone time, but it gets a bit lonely and stagnant.


I love Boston. Will post photos soon.